Everybody loves games.

We have the skills to make them.

About us


Rookbird Games is a Professional Game Development Studio headquartered in Buenos Aires , Argentina.

What do we do?

We specialize in the partial and complete development of video games. We have Professionals on every area: musicians, illustrators, game designers and programmers. This, however, doesn’t mean you need to hire the entire team. You might only need an artist to design your characters, or a programmer to create your back-end. We can bundle up a team that precisely fits your needs depending on your project’s requirements. We can also help you with marketing and publishing. At Rookbird, we love the indies and we understand how hard and expensive can game development get. We want to help with that, so we offer high quality services at a low cost.

Prototype N

The story of parallel Theory revolves around the hostile planet “N-031” and the mysterious labyrinth that has suddenly appeared. Noel, the warden of a prison battleship, deploys her incarcerated army to explore the labyrinth and excavate any remaining resources to bring back to their home planet of Dust. And so far...not a single prisoner has returned. Noel takes it upon herself to investigate what’s happened to her army, and dives deep into the unknown…

Cheese Rolling

Have you heard about Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake?. Well, we invite you to be the first to capture the famous cheese! Compete with your friends who is the fastest